Cheesepalooza Round Up Challenge Six: Asiago and Asiago Pepita

A wonderful hard pressed cow’s milk cheese to be aged a year!

I made a large Asiago Pepita to age for a year. A year! Maybe. We shall see. Is it not gorgeous? And I made a small round to eat after 6 weeks and it is a very mild yummy buttery cream smooth treat! I think this cheese must have been very straight forward to make, as there was little activity on twitter and facebook this past month from Cheesepalooza Asiago participants bemoaning the process! I found it very easy to make and I cannot wait to try my finished aged round!

Nic at Nic Cooks from Australia has made an incredible looking asiago! I usually read all of the post before or as I do the round up, but this month is a little tight in time for me. I cannot wait to read about how she got her cheese so aged looking already! It looks incredible! Too bad this wasn’t on the Mother-In-Law homemade cheese platter, Nic! You may have to post a wedge!

Sharon is a new Cheesepalooza member and she has written her Asiago post and posted it on our Cheesepalooza Facebook Page. If you are not a Facebook member, you will not be able to see it, which is unfortunate, as this is a great read from a very dedicated and committed new Cheesehead! Welcome, Sharon! (And I apologize, Sharon. Somehow, you are not on the Facebook Participants page. Would you please resend that information to me? I was sure I had added you. :) )

Stephanie at Clockwork Lemon and her mom, Lori Anne, both from Calgary Alberta, have made this yummy looking asiago! I will get to meet Stephanie in person in April because she is presenting at the Food Bloggers of Canada Conference! Isn’t that incredible? We live in the same province, but I will meet her in Ontario! I am excited about that. Anyone else interested in attending the Food Bloggers of Canada Conference please register as soon as possible. I am so excited to be going!

Evelyn at Cheap Ethnic Eatz in Montreal Qu has made this exquisite Romano!

Dianne Ader at Bar Over V Ranch from Okanogan, Washington USA, has a cave full of homemade cheeses! Yum! She has made her asiago and I am eager to read and find out which one of these beauties, above, that it is!

Eventhough, Larry at La Bonne Vie from Edmonton Alberta was in Hawaii almost the entire month, he still managed to make his Asiago! Bravo. It does look like it will be mighty tasty, but he just made it last weekend, so it is still aging. With Larry in the city, chances are very good that I will be sinking my teeth into this one sometime this year!

Ntala at Crazy Mare Ranch from Barrhead Alberta makes incredible cheese. I know. I have tasted many of her artisan triumphs. I cannot wait to taste this one. I hope I am lucky enough. It looks like there are various peppers bejeweling this lovely round.

Rick at Sailor Rick’s from Edmonton Alberta has also made two discs of Asiago. Maybe one for soon and one to age? I will have to read his post to see! One thing there is no doubt about. Rick makes great food, and I am sure his asiago will end up with an unexpected “somethin’-somethin'” before it is aged completely!
Lisa at Rural in the Urban from Cohoes NY is a recent member of our group, and look at what she has made already! Cannot wait to hear how it tastes after it is aged! Welcome, Lisa!
Last, but not least, is Ian’s Asiago! Ian at Much To Do About Cheese from Edmonton Alberta is my local cheese hero. No one has been more generous with time or knowledge than Ian. If you get a change to learn from him, take it! Currently, he is teaching cheese making classes at Smoky Valley Artisan Cheese. Contact Leslie or Ian for details about these MUST TAKE classes! The next one is February 17th and the following one is in March. There are only 8 students in each class, so there is a lot of hands on opportunity for participants.


  1. says

    Such fabulous sounding cheeses. Asiago with added elements (peppercorns, etc) is new to me. But why not? Can’t wait to sign up for a cheesemaking class. I missed the last one that was offered here in Awhitu.

    • Valerie Lugonja says

      If you have never made cheese, it will be SO much fun! I cannot wait to read about your cheese making once you are able to attend a class. I am completely smitten.

  2. says

    Your Asiago looks great Valerie, but this was by no means an easy cheese! There were lengthy Twitter and Facebook discussions between myself, Ian and Addy around my disaster! Thankfully I have an edible product at the end, but it was touch and go! My cheese has aged so quickly because it is so small. It was a mere 200g. The 500g cheese, is aging at a slower rate and I too will try and wait a few months before I dive in.

    • Valerie Lugonja says

      That is too bad!
      I haven’t read the posts, yet – but do check the Twitter hash tag and face book page – it comes to my mailbox regularly. I did see your Facebook message the day I published this post! Your cheese looks gorgeous – happy you were able to salvage your cheese so well! That’s what the collaboration is all about – we were away in Hawaii for the first 2 weeks of the challenge, so somehow I missed your needs. Ian and Addie are great! So funny that when a cheese is easy for me, it is tough for you – which slays me as you know so much more about cheese making than I! My small asiago looks so different than yours. I am having a little personal family issue and trying to get my posts up. Can’t wait for you to see it!

    • Valerie Lugonja says

      OH, MY – Evelyne!
      Please send it again. That DOES sound familiar. I “usually” paste all contributions into the draft post immediate, and then upload the photo to my dropbox folder with each person’s name on it. I am so so sorry. Please resend and I will get it in immediately. I always look forward to your enthusiastic posts!

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