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sourdough starter

Real Bread Alberta Sourdough Starter

This is the first in a series of three recipes for Sour Dough with Kaelin Whittaker. Starter Recipe and the importance of the flour.

Course Bread
Cuisine Canadian
Prep Time 5 minutes
Author Valerie Lugonja via Kaelin Wittaker


  • Highwood Crossing’s All Purpose Flour 2 kg to start; available at Blush Lane



  1. Kaelin bakes her bread in a Lodge Cast Iron Combo Cooker; they are $60 OR you can use a dutch oven.

  2. A 1L or 1.5L Kilner Jar available at The Bay for the Starter

  3. Small banneton proofing basket, tea towel, D-shaped dough spatula

  4. Additional Flours: Gold Forest Grains Red Fife Wheat Flour: 1.6kg to start (smallest amount sold); available at Strathcona Farmers’ Market or Bon Ton Bakery AND Gold Forest Grains Rye Flour: 1.4kg (also smallest available amount)

  5. Organic wheat germ and high-quality sea salt for the sourdough bread making

Making the Starter Day 1 to 7

  1. Carefully measure 50 grams Highwood Crossing Organic Unbleached Flour and 50 grams tepid water into the 1.5L Kilner Jar; mix well to combine

  2. Place lid securely on jar, set in cool, dark location on counter; repeat process at close to the same time every day for 7 days.

Day 7 to 10: Float Test

  1. Fill a transparent glass with water; place a good teaspoon of starter into the water
  2. If it floats, the starter is active and ready; refrigerate

  3. If it doesn't float, continue to feed it for three more days, and test again

Starter Floats

  1. Starter is placed in the fridge and ready to be used to make sour dough bread. Step Two follows: Making the Sponge.