Thermomix Cooking Class Schedule

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Place a comment under this post with the date and time of the class you wish to attend and I will respond to you with payment information within 24 hours.

These classes are the perfect opportunity to get together a group of friends, come over, enjoy a meal and learn about the Thermomix while you eat some incredible food for a reasonable price.

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  1. Sandy Mowat says:

    Hello Valerie,
    I’d like to enroll in the April 25 th class.
    Thank you!

    • Thanks, Sandy!
      I need a minimum of 4 people to make it happen, so if you have three others that will come, we’ll do it. Otherwise, I will keep you informed. :)

  2. Hi Valerie,
    Are you offering any more thermomix classes – my hubby and I would love to attend!

  3. Valerie says:

    Sorry Anita – not through the summer. :) Valerie

  4. Lynne Anderson says:

    Are you still teaching classes?
    Thank you

  5. Hi there… I live in Dubai and have just placed an order for a TM through the local representatives. I will be in Calgary, Edmonton and elsewhere in Alberta for most of the summer and I have several friends and family interested in learning more about the TM as I have been ranting incessantly about it for the last month! Are you doing demonstrations or classes and how many people do you require? Is it possible to do it in your home? Any information would be helpful thanks!! I didn’t see any dates in July or August on your website for classes.

    Thanks for your help.


  6. Lynne Anderson says:

    Interested in a thermomix. Any demos coming up? Would love to see it in action as have only viewed on Internet.
    Thank you

    • Valerie Lugonja says:

      You don’t need to wait for a class. I do individual demos and they are always best. I will email you. :)

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