Cheese Making Supplies: Ingredient and Matierial Suppliers

Where to buy Cheese Making Ingredients, Materials and Supplies:

If you know of other Cheese Making Supplies: Ingredient and Material Suppliers, please leave a comment with that information below, and we will add them to our list!

  • Ntala from Crazy Mare Ranch in Alberta sells cheese making kits (Alberta Canada)
  • Bosch Kitchen Centre or Barbs Kitchen – (Edmonton Alberta) for rennet and citric acid
  • Planet Organic, Blush Lane and Earths General Store for low heat pasteurized, non-homogenized milk: Vital Greens, Fairwind Farms (Edmonton Alberta)
  • Glengarry Cheese Making and Diary Supply Ltd.  (Canada)
  • Danlac Canada Inc (Edmonton Alberta) Best to call and discuss your list and then a very accommodating company
  • New England Cheese Making (US)
  • Though he does not have a website yet (It is coming soon), Yoav Perry has a Cheese Making Supply company. He has great prices and will ship to anywhere in the world. Contact him for prices and he is very knowledgeable about cheese making too.


    • Jo says

      Use buttermilk 1part to 15parts. Suppliers will tell you theirs a taste difference & maybe their is in industrial cheese but not in soft or farmhouse cheese. Iv been using it before kits & prefer it as it makes a stronger curd

      • Valerie Lugonja says

        Thanks Jo
        Could you elaborate? Not exactly sure what you are saying. You use 1/15th buttermilk for every cheese recipe? What kind of buttermilk?

  1. says

    I just such as the handy information an individual provide to your reports. I am going to bookmark your blog plus examine again in this article often. I am a little bit ‘ might be advised lots of innovative stuff right here! All the best ! for the following!

  2. Karen says

    Hi there – how do we find non-UHT pasteurized milk in Toronto – I want to try making mozzarella… thanks! Karen

  3. Nessa Subrata says

    Hi Valerie,

    Would you kindly let me know where I can buy unpasteurized milk in Toronto? Been trying to make mozzarella using pasteurized milk + calcium chloride but some websites mention that it is not recommended to use calcium chloride when making mozzarella.

    Also, Glengarry is far from Toronto. Do you know any stores in Toronto that sell cheese making supplies?

    Any info is appreciated! Thanks!

    • Valerie Lugonja says

      HI, Nessa,
      You will not be able to buy unpasteurized milk legally anywhere in Canada. Pasteurized milk will work for mozza – done it. As I am from Edmonton, I really don’t have that kind of specific knowledge for out there. I hope someone reading this will add to the information. If you use twitter, I would tweet out the question and you will get answers, for sure. Call your local cheesemakers, if there are any, or your local health food stores. They should be able to help you get a good quality of milk to work with.

    • Mark says

      For anyone looking for cheese making supplies in Ontario, I can also recommend the following site. I am not sure of proximity to your poster, and I hope it works out for you.
      I live in Langley BC and find it very frustrating that there is NOT a single distributor of cheese making supplies in this province. Great opportunity for someone to start up a shop!

      Good Luck

        • Valerie Lugonja says

          Yes! Making cheese at home is such a fun hobby and more and more people are embracing it with their friends and families. This would be a great little niche market for any locale. Thank you so much for the information, Cheryl!

    • Valerie Lugonja says

      Not in Victoria proper, but I do know that the artisan cheese makers in the area can help you. There are a few famous ones on the island. Do you know who they are, or do you want me to look them up for you? If you shoot them a message, they can either order what you need with their orders, most likely – or sell you what you need from their own supply. I believe on of the places does have a little shop, holds classes and sells supplies.

      • says

        Hi there

        Love this site its been so helpful for a beginner like myself I was wondering if you know of any suppliers in BC for cheese making supplies, if I have too Ill order from the ones above in alberta but lol if I can save on shipping and shop closer to home Id be stoked :)

        thank you :)

        • Valerie Lugonja says

          Dear Scott,
          Most small artisan cheesemakers will sell you what you need. If you connect with a small company in your area, and there are several excellent artisan cheesemakers in BC, and have a chat about what you want to do and make they can either order your items with theirs, or sell you some of their on product on hand.
          Cheesemakers are a welcoming lot!
          Let me know how it goes!

  4. florin says

    I am looking for a good place to get supplies in Calgary. Any ideas, i found Chinook cheese company but they only sell the vegetable tablet rennet, and that’s about it.

    • Valerie Lugonja says

      HI, Florin
      I really don’t know of any place in Calgary. Hopefully someone else will chime in to assist.

      • florin says

        I actually found one. :-)
        it is called make cheese, and their office is here in calgary and its related to Danlac company. You only have the option to order online, or over the phone, not a physical store, but that works too.
        Thanks anyway.
        Now all i need to find is a better source for milk. “beatrice” brand works …but not the best.

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