Culinary Classes and Travel

For detailed information on each 2012 class , go here.

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Please check with me personally for the refund policy for what class or tour you enrol in. Tour refunds will vary. Class refunds will also vary. The information for each should be on the information page, but please make sure to look for it as it will affect your registration decision in some cases.


  1. charly leisner says

    i would like to know, when is sausage making class will be held. could you please send me the details of sausage making. thank you

    • Valerie says

      The class was already held and Allan will do another for us probably in the fall unless there is a small group that wants us to arrange one for them in the meantime. Then, we will do that, too!

  2. carolyn corrin says

    Hi do you hold classes in June? I am in Paris 13 – 15 June and would love to do a day cooking class. Carolyn Corrin

    • Valerie says

      HI, Lilian!
      Our macaron teacher got pregnant! So, it will be awhile… we shall see how it goes, but not for a long while. I know – I have been anxious to get this going, too!

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