NOMAD presents A Traditional Meatless Ukrainian Christmas Eve Dinner: Sviata Vechera with Mike Scorgie and Allan Suddaby

Friday, January 6th, 2012 6:30 pm

The Dinner

Sviata Vechera is a traditional Ukrainian dinner eaten on Orthodox Christmas eve, January 6.  Twelve meatless dishes are made and shared by families in festive dignity. Nomad’s version of the Christmas eve dinner is based on traditional dishes, but we have adapted preparations to suit our palates and available ingredients, just as Ukrainian emigrants do wherever they move in the world.

The Cooks

Michael Scorgie is the proprietor of Nomad Mobile Diner.  The Nomad food truck hit the streets of Edmonton in the summer of 2011, serving comfort staples like pulled pork, brisket, and sausages.  Before opening Nomad, Mike studied culinary arts at NAIT and worked at Jack’s Grill.

Allan Suddaby is a cook and sausage-maker at Nomad.  He studied culinary arts at NAIT and has worked at popular restaurants like Dadeo and Jack’s Grill. He recently returned from working in Austria.  He has a blog called Button Soup, where he writes about his unique ideas on local food.

The Menu

  • Kutia: wheat pudding, dried sour cherries
  • Kolach: braided bread, honey, garlic
  • Kapusniak: sauerkraut soup, heavy cream, rye bread
  • Bib: baked beans, flax oil
  • Smazheni doshchyvyky: puffball mushroom fritters, pickled onions
  • Pisni holubtsi: cabbage rolls, wild rice, preserved tomato
  • Borsch and vushka: beet soup, wild mushroom dumplings
  • Oseledsi: pickled trout, carrots, dill
  • Varenyky: perogies filled with cottage cheese, fried onions
  • Chay: labrador tea, candied orange peel
  • Kisiel: highbush cranberry soup
  • Pampushky: raised doughnuts filled with rosehip jelly

NOTE: specific items on the menu may be subject to change dependent upon availability and will be replaced with something of equal value and appeal

The Cost and Information

$65 dollars per person which will include

Please e-mail me at and

  1. put the name of this dinner and the date in the subject area of the message
  2. put your name and phone number in the text area of the message
  3. then I will send you the payment information!
  4. Once payment is received, I will send you my address and location information.

Thank you so very much!


  1. gladys mathison says

    Orthodox Christmas Eve, Jan 06,2012. Sounds interesting. But where in the world is it being held? I can’t pay until I have an address of where I would go. As well, what is the dress code? How long will the dinner be? How many people do you allow for one sitting?Thanks for the info.

    • Valerie says

      HI, Gladys!
      Unfortunately, the dinner is sold out. Thank you for your interest in Taste Tripping and our Traditional Heritage Dinners. Please check back frequently for the next one, or, subscribe by e-mail to my website – or ask to have your name put on a notification list. In answer to your questions, the event is in Lewis Estates, the dress code is casual, the dinner will be however long it takes for you to enjoy your 12 courses: each will be served as you finish the last.
      Thank you!

  2. says

    A year later but read the menu–interesting and ambitious. Ukrainian Orthodox Christmas Eve is a strict fact day. No meat. NO dairy products-none. No cream, sour cream, no cheese, no butter, no milk or heavy cream.

    • Valerie Lugonja says

      Mary Katherine
      Thank you so much for clarifying the traditional aspects and expectations of this meal. Allan’s was not a traditional meal, but a play on the traditional aspects of the meal and there were certainly 12 incredible courses.
      Maybe next time, we will do it with greater attention to tradition!
      Happy Happy Holidays!

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