Taste Tripping: Tours, Travel, Tastings and Cooking Classes

Valerie Lugonja is providing Culinary Tours, Travel, Tastings, and Cooking Classes in the Edmonton Area!

Valerie has taught public school in Edmonton for thirty years and is the consummate educator.

Recently retired, she launched the Cooking Classes segment of her business in January of 2011. She plans to launch the Culinary Tours and Travel segments in the Spring of 2013. Sign up in the comments section for news on Day Trips and Itineraries for Culinary Tours.

She has three specific academic specializations (an early childhood education diploma and a double major in Fine arts and English language and literature) and has acquired many others through her extensive teaching career. Her last few years with Edmonton Public Schools she worked in the area of Foods Education and developed the Nutritious Lunch Project and  Catering Club at Kate Chegwin School. She has also personally planned and toured her students all over the world during Spring break, and at other times of the year for over twenty of those years. She has also traveled extensively with her husband over the past several years throughout Canada, the United States, Western and Eastern Europe. Thus, she brings with her the very practical experience of the travel and tour industry as well as her expertise in foods education and cooking classes.

Her travel and tour mandate is to offer local, national and international travel and tours that highlight history, art and culture with a particular focus on regional cuisine in each area explored to include hands on experience as well as intimate interaction with artisanal food producers and suppliers.

Cooking classes introduce local and regional “experts” sharing culinary expertise with class participants. This has not been done in Edmonton before. The opportunity to learn from “the grandma” who really knows, or “the neighbour” who can really cook has arrived. We will offer classes from professionally trained chefs and people in the food industry, as well, but our specific focus is offering classes to you from someone in your own neighbourhood or community who is sharing with you what they are “famous” for making: exceptional homemade heritage dishes.

If you want to be informed when new classes and schedules are created, please include your name in the comment section below.

If you want to book an entire class and plan what you learn, contact me and we will do it for you! (Great for birthday parties, bridal showers, etc.)

If you have culinary expertise you would like to share with others, please  contact me with the details!

Culinary Tours and Travel:

There are currently no tours available for sale, but sign up to be notified below for Travel and Tours in the Spring of 2013!

Cooking Classes:

Click here to for the 2012 class  information.

Click here to view past classes.

Click here for Registration and Payment information


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and from Tour and Travel Participants

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Peak into some of our past Cooking Classes!

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  1. just saw this mentioned on sharons site! CANNOT WAIT!!

    i will look forward to some interesting cooking classes.

    i was lucky enough to participate in the dairy/cheese tour earlier this fall and can only say if your excursions are in any way similar to that one you will have a hit on your hands!

    have a good holiday season
    see you in the new year for a cooking class

    su :)

    • Thank you so much Su!
      I will add your address to the list of people to send out new information to. I appreciate your support! We have many classes in the works, but are just getting “off the ground” and thought this was a good way to get the word out.

  2. Please keep me informed of new classes.

  3. Great sight !

  4. Congratulations. What an exciting adventure.

    • Thank you, Cheryl! We are truly pumped! Would you consider sharing some of your culinary prowess with us at one of our classes?

  5. Looking forward to hearing about new tours!

  6. Yeah, Valerie. I, too, just read about your “dream come true” on Sharon’s site. Can’t wait to partake! Congrats! and please add me to the list, especially for the travels. I’m off to Europe mid Feb for a spell. Yummy.

    • Great, Katharine!
      Youa re definitely on the list. Have a wonderful time in Europe and come back with LOTS of stories to tell!

  7. This sounds fantastic! Keep me in the loop! Would love to see some chocolate, baking and bread classes!

  8. Congratulations ljepotica! Please keep me informed of new classes too!

    Hvala vam puno! :)

  9. I was just looking for your blog at work (break time :)) and the article in the paper popped up. Congratulations. If I had any energy I’d love to learn how to cook! I’ll just reap the rewards from my loving sisters hard labour for now!! I’ll be your “taster” hehe


    • Judy: Wasn’t that a nice link from the Journal a couple of days ago? Right in the paper. Liane has also talked us up on her own blog at the journal too… lucky me!

  10. Hello Valerie

    Could you please clarify for me, is this Thermomix cooking class?

    thank you

  11. Sharon eyben says:

    Hi Valerie:
    I just stumbled upon your website and would love to receive notices of upcoming classes and culinary tours please. You can send them to my e:mail above if you like?
    Many thanks!

    • You are now on “the list” Sharon. Do you live in Edmonton? Did you see what our June tour it?
      Thank you for your interest!

  12. Tanis Palmer says:

    Hi Valerie! I’d love to be added to the list, as well.

  13. Hi Valerie,
    I’m interested in enrolling in your classes please let me know if there is any coming up, thanks.

  14. could I please be on the list for up coming classes
    thanks so much!

  15. Lynne Anderson says:

    Would love to be on your list for future classes. Many Thanks

    • Valerie says:

      Hi, Lynn!
      I have added your name and e-mail address to “the” list, and you will definitely be notified when I put up another season of classes.

  16. Susan Horsman says:

    Please add me to your list. Am available at short notice to improve my cooking/baking skills!

  17. please add me to your list for classes and more importantly your culinary tour

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