Red Iguana: Classic Mexican Restaurant in Salt Lake City

1 Red Iguana Enchiladas Potisinas

"Killer Mexican Food" that is definitely worth the wait! Do you see what I see? Does the above plate look a little familiar? They are Enchiladas Potosinas! I was charmed by them the first time while in Mexico in February 2014 in the Yucutan Peninsula when I took a day long cooking class in Cancun at Mi Cocina es Tu Cocina with Chef Claudia Garcia Ramos and she served Enchiladas Potosinas in a non traditional fashion; however, they were really delicious. Even more delicious when made in the … [Read more...]

Pucker Up Series 2014: Sour Cherry Pesto

1 Sour Cherry Pesto

Sour Cherry Pesto Two Ways: Delicious on pasta or on bruschetta! Sweet + salty + spicy = sensational! Let me tell you, kiddies, this is a spoonful of Pucker Power! There is no doubt about it. This is a lip-smackin' toe-tappin' little taste o' somethin' somethin' that you will not be able to put your finger on until the jar is empty, and maybe not even then. But, you will be motivated to try. What is this? What is in it? Mmmm! Salty. Sweet. A hint of spice. Sticky, yet smooth. A punch of … [Read more...]

Basic Garlic Bruschetta

4c Basic Garlic Bruschetta

Garlic bruschetta is the foundation for a myriad of delectable toppings, or delicious on its own! In Italy with Vanja in 2011, the Umbria and Tuscan regions had this bruschetta on their menus as an option. I ordered it every time. Could not get enough. Delicious extra virgin olive oil saturated crusty Italian bread toasted crisp on both sides, then slathered with fresh garlic. Heaven. I was stunned that such simplicity could create such a powerful taste memory. I was addicted. Though I … [Read more...]

Bartlett Pear Upside Down Gingerbread Cake

1 Pear Upside Down Gingerbread Cake

Bartlett Pear Upside Down Gingerbread Cake Gingerbread cake. It's been a loooong time. Home from the hospital with my first child, Ragan, 36 years ago now, I arrived to a lovely home cooked meal thanks to my neighbours that included a square tin of deep, dark, spicy gingerbread cake with the classic pairing: apple sauce and whipped cream. My husband (at that time) enjoyed the meal, immensely. I don't even remember what it was. But, I do remember the gingerbread cake. And the … [Read more...]

The Canadian Food Experience Project: Round Up Twelve

The Canadian Food Experienc Project: Round Up Twelve

The Canadian Garden The Canadian summer and growing season is short in most regions of our country. There are two regions blessed with incredible micro-climates that have longer growing seasons and higher summer temperatures: the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia and the Niagara Region in Ontario. Both are blessed with the ability to grow orchards and grapes so most Canadian wines come from these two regions. The third region is the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia along the Bay of Fundy. … [Read more...]

Hannah’s Comparison: Thermomix TM5 vs Thermomix TM31

Thermomix TM31-Image

Thermomix TM5 vs Thermomix TM31 side by side on video Thank you to Hannah from the Thermoments (Facebook Page) and "babe" for this video, and to Helene at for always having her finger on the pulse of all things Thermomix and posting this Thermomix TM5 vs Thermomix TM31 on video, today. This excellent comparison reiterates what I said Friday after the announcement was made: Bottom Line: the new machine is not adding another component into the cooking abilities. The … [Read more...]

The Thermomix TM5 2014


New Thermomix TM5 Announced Today: Not available to North America until 2015 Did you wait for the iphone 5 when the iphone 4 came out, or buy the iphone 4.... well, I bought the 4 before the 5 came out, but I knew it was coming out. My contract was up, and I really needed a phone. How much better could the 5 be? I got the 5 when my contract needed renewing. So, new Thermomix customers have some decisions to make. Do you want the best kitchen machine in the world now, or do you want to wait … [Read more...]

Pucker Up 2014: Sour Cherry Ginger Beef

1a Sour Cherry Ginger Beef

Inspired by Calgary's own Crispy Ginger Beef with a DYNAMITE GIVEAWAY! Double the sauce to double your fun. One can never get enough sweet, sticky, sour, savory, ooey-gooey garlicky ginger sour cherry sauce. Bet you've never had it before. Now is the time. Pucker Up 2014 and @choose cherries! As you know, I am a fan of my Evans Sour Cherry Tree and have a blast each season creating recipes from the fresh fruit and all year long with the frozen jewels stashed in my freezer. And how did this … [Read more...]

Thermomix TM31 Sept 2014: Incredible Customer Incentive!

Thermomix TM31-Image

If you were every thinking of buying a Thermomix TM31, now is the time! With the announcement Friday, September 5, 2014, of the new Thermomix TM5, the TM31 is being phased out, and though over 5 million have been sold, will no longer be in production. Now is the time to get an incredible deal! I used to think the Thermomix bag was outrageously priced at 100 dollars until I bought my first camera bag! I love my bag and use it all of the time. Our car has a plug in, for heaven sake. I can cook … [Read more...]

Bartlett Pear Crisp

1 BC Bartlett Pear Crisp

A swoon worthy humble fall dessert I am not sure what year it was, but Ragan was a baby and I lived in Lethbridge at the time. It was pear season, and I got a case or two of everything in those days for canning. We lived in a low rental complex. I washed and waxed my floors every week. There wasn't a corner of that dilapidated townhouse that wasn't immaculate. I can still feel the crisp fall air as it moved in and settled upon that small city at the time: brisk, cool, invigorating. Ah! … [Read more...]

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