Mena’s Palace: A Local Haunt in the French Quarter

1 Mena's Palace Beef Vegetable Soup

A quick New Orleans lunch Our first night in New Orleans, I took mom to Antoine's, the oldest restaurant in North America. What a grand time that was. For some reason, I cannot locate the photos! So, coffee at Cafe du Monde was to be the post I would publish next. Those photos are missing, too. This is impossible, but I cannot find them. Both places are absolute must stops when visiting this city full of charm and personality. This is a city that knows who it is. It is bold, brash, … [Read more...]

William Dugan Andersen: February 12, 2015

William Dugan Day 6

Gramsy welcomes her first grandchild into the world! Sublime joy (6 days old) Yet, I cannot recount this miracle without laying the foundation. Dad's memorial was held January 25th. Last year, right after dad's death, I had brought mom to Mexico. It was a welcome reprieve to be repeated again this year with another time away with mom for spiritual edification. Suffice it to say, I truly enjoyed my time with my mom.   Above, is our last night away. Mom had such fun dancing on the … [Read more...]

Judy Ann Swainson: July 16, 1957 to February 9, 2015

A Tribute to My Sister I LOVED HER ALL HER LIFE   I loved her all her life Though naive of knowing Trying to love herself When so young and growing Her bright blonde curly bob, Deep dimples, great green eyes Won love of all she knew Perfection, no disguise  ABC I loved her all her life At home she felt so snug With her family close Secure, with just a hug Long blond hair and olive skin She grew into such beauty Her path in life, uncertain Yet, such a … [Read more...]

Thermomix TM31 Customer Incentive February 2015


A free SECOND BOWL: Best Customer Incentive in 10 years for TM31 Above are all of the parts that come with the second Thermomix TM31 Bowl EXCEPT the spatula DOES NOT come with the bow, and only one measuring cup is included, not two as in the photo, above. Again, this month, there is a customer incentive to get this SECOND bowl (of course one comes with the machine) for FREE . Do all of the parts come with the second bowl? Yes, they do. Everyone of them. (EXCEPT the spatula DOES NOT come … [Read more...]

Agnolotti del Plin Con Carne or Meat Filled Agnolotti del Plin

1 Agnolotti del Plin with Meat Filling and Roasted Gravy

 A Day of Pasta Making with Jens: Therapy for the Soul Taken with the simple and irrefutable fact that no purchased pasta comes close to homemade pasta and gaining confidence in the pasta making process, I invited Jens over for a day of pasta making. After the class we took together in Italy, last November (2014), we have both been motivated to make the Agnolotti del Plin. The shape is so easy to make and such fun. A little thrill shoots through my inner core every time I cut a row with the … [Read more...]

Traditional Canadian Lasagna

1 Traditional Canadian Lasagna

 What makes this lasagna Traditional Canadian Lasagna? I haven't made this recipe for so long, but I will be doing so much more often as it is a throwback to my childhood and the lasagna recipe all mothers made when they made homemade lasagna on the Canadian prairies. Now, I tried to research which box this recipe first came out on, and could not find any definitive answer, but I recall seeing it on the box, myself, as a child, on the blue Catelli box. It was the only pasta mom would buy, … [Read more...]

Spinach Salad with Preserved Sour Cherries

1 Spinach Salad with Preserved Sour Cherries

Tender Greens bathed in Tasty Textures It may not be pretty, but I promise you, this salad is a full meal deal and a jubilant mix of flavours: sweet, salty, and tart! The preserved sour cherries add the unexpected pucker perfect umami-whammy. I was having company, and had a huge basket of spinach for the salad. What else? I had hard boiled eggs on hand. I had preserved sour cherries on hand. After that, I gathered the other ingredients, also in the pantry, that would add … [Read more...]

Stuffed Peppers

1 Stuffed Peppers

 An Eastern European Man's Home Food ... and a Canadian pleasure. Ah, stuffed peppers. Simple. Nutritious, delicious, economical. Now, we are singing my song. There is something primordial and deeply gratifying about the Eastern European combination of rice infused with a simple combination of a rich tomato sauce and well seasoned ground meat wrapped or stuffed in a vegetable. Pure pleasure. Nothing fancy about this dish. Anything stuffed in a vegetable denotes a nod to the … [Read more...]

January 2015 Thermomix TM31 Customer Incentive

Insulated Thermomix Potluck Bag

Another gift added: Best Customer Incentive in 10 years for TM31 If there was ever a time to buy a TM31, now is the time. Of course, I will put you on my TM5 waiting list if you are sure you want to wait an undetermined time for this sensational life changing kitchen machine. But, you will buy the TM5 for more money (no, I don't know how much more) and there will not be any customer incentives with the new launch. I already have a lot of people on my waiting list, but have sold many more … [Read more...]

Thermomix Beurre Blanc: recette française

3 Hallibut Cheeks with Asparagus and Beurre Blanc

 So Simple to make with Spectacular Appeal This is not an advertizement, but I do sell Thermomix machines and often labourious recipes can be made effortlessly with this machine. This is one. I have built my business after retirement to where I have several consultants I am working with, and hundreds of customers I hope do follow my Thermomix recipe posts. As the same time, I recognize the majority of my readers are not Thermomix owners, thus almost all recipes include both methods: with … [Read more...]

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