Sims Corner Steakhouse and Oyster Bar

Sims Corner Steakhouse and Oyster Bar

"The" place to sample an assortment of Prince Edward Island's famous Malpeque Oysters Malpeque Oysters from Prince Edward Island, Canada, are famous for their flavour and texture. They are, hands down, my favourite oyster variety - for now. When I knew were were headed to PEI, I knew I wanted to participate in an Oyster Tasting - even if it had to be one of my own making. And so, it was. Everyone I reached out to planning this trip came back with "and you must stop at Sim's for oysters". … [Read more...]

Tropical Salsa: Pico de Gallo all Dressed Up for a Party

1 Tropical Salsa

Great as a Summer Salad or a Compliment to the Perfect Fish Taco! Mexican Cooking Day with Chef Hugo Raya was inspiring. This Tropical Salsa Recipe is a spin off of the traditional Pico de Gallo salsa: simply add tropical fruit and avocado. Ooooo, baby! This is gooood stuff. Seriously. Mind you, I am a fan of guacamole and pico de gallo.  With the tropical fruit added to the mix, I would say, we have a Par-taay! Chop, dice, mince and enjoy the fresh fragrance of lime, … [Read more...]

Tempura Fish Tacos: Battered Ling Cod

1 Tempura Battered Ling Cod

With Shredded Cabbage and Tropical Salsa! What do you do when gifted with a gorgeous fillet of Ling Cod? My first choice: Fry it. A gorgeous summery option: make these Tropical Tempura Fish Tacos! Battered Ling Cod isn't something that I would usually aspire to as Canadian Ling Cod is such a delicacy and outrageously delicious in the simplest of preparations, yet the sunshine, chirping birds, Summer garden and recent Mexican food cooking experience on-my-mind-mode have prompted the … [Read more...]

eOne Films Presents: The Trip to Italy!

eOne Entertainment Movie

10 double passes for "The Trip to Italy" to give away across Canada! The Trip to Italy will be screening Toronto and Vancouver August 11th and in Edmonton, Calgary and Ottawa on August 20th. If you are in town, chime into the comments section below to win a free double pass to this hilarious movie that will most definitely motivate you to pack your bags and fly to Italy, immediately - and at the very least, urge you to drink lots of Italian wine and eat lots of Italian food! And, you know … [Read more...]

My Urban Canadian Prairie Zone 3 Garden

1a Spring Garden zone 3 2013

The Canadian Food Experience Project Challenge 12: The Canadian Garden (May 2014) My purple Spring Garden awakens my soul every year. The vibrancy of each tenderling emerging from the cold black earth toward the warmth of the Spring sun invigorates my spirit. The vivid purples and greens revitalize the drab dead after Winter landscape with the promise of those lazy hazy crazy days of Summer, yet to come. Chive flowers in our Spring Salad are a quiet celebration in my kitchen of the … [Read more...]

Bill Roach: Canadian Cape Breton Folk Art Wood Carver

h Home From the Party by Bill Roach

His naive whimsical style and sense of humor attracts acclaim Born and raised in Cheticamp, Nova Scotia, Bill is a self-taught folk artist. He has painted and made woodcarvings since childhood and has been able to make a full time living at this work for the last 5 years, he told me, when we stopped to visit him on a very rainy day in May, 2014. Immediately after our visit to Eel Lake Oyster Farm, we headed to Cape Breton, arriving about 8 pm, in time for a meal and a well needed … [Read more...]

Salsa Verde

Salsa Verde

The Quintessential Mexican Green Sauce The first time I tasted Salsa Verde, I got no sense of the flavour of the sauce, whatsoever. My mouth was in a tormented upheaval for the remainder of that evening. I was told it had "just a little heat", so note: everything is relative, and if the person telling you about the heat level is from a country that tolerates a lot of heat in their food, tread very lightly. I actually did not know it was Salsa Verde. I just knew it was a hot Mexican … [Read more...]

Pastel de limon

Pastel de limon

The Grand Finalé to a Great Fiesta! As Brendi asked for the recipe for the finalé served at our Mexican Cooking Day with Chef Hugo Raya, I thought I would post it separately, for all to enjoy. The step by step photos are actually in the post recapping our triumphant day. However, this is a simple dessert, easy to make and one that would travel easily for a summer potluck. I will warn you that the recipe makes two of the dishes you see above, not just one. You may want to halve the … [Read more...]

Chef Hugo Raya Shares Passion and Mexican Recipes

28 Mexican Cooking Class Salud

A Mexican Cooking Class in Edmonton! Salud! Oh, what a day it was! It really was. Attending Cancook in Cancun at Mi Cocina es Tu Cocina with Chef Claudia Garcia Ramos in February of 2014, I wrote an epic post about the experience, completely enamored. The article was so lengthy, that at the bottom, I added: Whoever actually reads this entire post deserves a medal, a prize, and award! Or, I can recommend my therapist? NO – if you actually read it all, let me know and let’s cook Mexican … [Read more...]

Dueling Daughters: Grandma Maude’s Fresh Strawberry Pie

Dueling Daughters: Grandma Maude's Fresh Strawberry Pie

Grandma Helen joins the fray! Maude is my mom's mom. She would make this pie every July, sans the cream cheese layer, and usually with a graham wafer crust. We could never get enough of it. My mom, dad, my sister, Judy, and I... oh, how we all loved this pie. Going to grandma's in the summer meant gardening, berry picking and eating homemade cookies and pies. When the first strawberries reared their heads, so did this pie. Now, I am absolutely positive that her mother, Nettie Morrical, … [Read more...]

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