Retro Recipe: Pork Chop Supreme

1 Pork Chop Supreme

A Childhood Favourite: the only pork dish my dad would eat! As much as Vanja loves pork, my dad detested it. "Too many years of having to eat salt pork as a child." was his explanation. The taste reminded him of a very unhappy childhood amid poverty in the dirty 30's on the Saskatchewan prairies. His family immigrated from Ireland in 1924 and dad was the only child born in Canada in September of 1929. The family sacrificed everything to escape the meager life and extreme strife in Northern … [Read more...]

Christmas in November: Sunchoke Soup with Bacon Hash

1 Sunchoke Soup

Chef Christopher Chafe inspired this favourite soup from the Christmas in November 2014 Menus After my first slurp, I blurted, "I must have this recipe!" All Christmas in November recipes have been posted by the Edmonton Journal, including all of the food prepared by the incredible team, with Chef Christopher Chafe at the helm, at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge. Chef Christopher Chafe is my new Canadian Food Hero. His perky effervescent personality is simply irresistible and his food … [Read more...]

Pâté à la Viande or Acadian Tourtière

1 Pâté à la Viande or Acadian Meat Pie

Pâté à la Viande: A Traditional Canadian Acadian Holiday Recipe for Meat Pie Christmas food memories are, without doubt, nostalgic and inspire motivating culinary escapades every holiday season. Reminiscing, Ramona tells me of her sister-in-law's meat pie. "Oh! One Christmas, Patricia made the best meat pie! Peter and I would sneak into her kitchen in the middle of the night slicing pieces off of it straight from the fridge. It was so rich and meaty and delicious. It had rabbit and beef and … [Read more...]

Yotem Ottolenghi’s Famous Cauliflower Cake

1 Ottolenghi Cauliflower Cake

The Ultimate Potluck Dish for the 2014 Holiday Table I used to consider myself on the pulse of what is happening in the culinary world, and fortunately, still am, for the most part. However, this recipe escaped me since its debut in October 2 2010 published in The Guardian by Yotem Ottolenghi himself, but has reared its head again recently in Plenty More, his newest cookbook and I believe this recipe will be the show stopper of this season for the potluck table. Get thee to the store to buy … [Read more...]

Pork Belly and Pork Loin Porchetta with Ground Pork Stuffing

1 Porkbelly Porkloin Pork Stuffing Porchetta

A Holiday Show Stopper with Leftovers that the family will eat! Porchetta is usually rolled in a swirl shape, but I had too much stuffing, so I simply rolled it in a circle around the gooey goodness in the middle. My first Porchetta and a huge hit at the family table. Certainly holiday fare, but this was the practice round. After receiving our Tamworth pig from Nature's Green Acres, I had the pork belly ready for this. Over to Corey, at ACME Meat Market to get a whole grass fed pork loin … [Read more...]

Terra Madre 2014: Slow Food in Canada

Slow Food International WW Member Drive 2014

What is Slow Food in Canada... and What is Terra Madre? SLOW FOOD in CANADA from Kevin Kossowan on Vimeo. Slow Food in Canada is my raison d'etre. Get a coffee. Enlarge to full screen and turn up your sound. Grab a tissue. This production was created for the Canadian Booth at Terra Madre to offer the world a window into Canada's Slow Food nation. It set the tone for our regional Canadian meeting in Torino and should provide you with a foundation of understanding for my personal food … [Read more...]

Gatherings: Man Candy

1 Man Candy

Cheese Stuffed Medjool Dates Wrapped in Bacon Gatherings is the timely new cookbook on the market this season by Julie Van Rosendaal and Jan Scott just in time to rescue Kitchen Queens and Kings all over Canada from the "whatever will I make?" conundrum that terrorizes many as gathering opportunities present themselves throughout every holiday season. This book will redress your holiday and provide a fresh take on your gathering perspective through the myriad of gathering ideas presented for … [Read more...]

Christmas in November: Emily Richard’s Amaretti Cookies

1 Amaretti

This is THE cookie for the 2014 season: if you make no other, make this one! It may not be a pretty little ditty, but this little delicate bite is packed with flavour and unexpected texture! I am sure most have eaten the commercial amaretti cookies that have a pronounced almond flavour, are hard, crunchy and exceedingly sweet. I had no desire to even try to make homemade amaretti cookies until attending Emily Richard and Elizabeth Baird's class, this year, at Christmas in November. These … [Read more...]

Thermomix December Incentive

Thermomix TM31-Image

The Ultimate Christmas Gift for the Cook in the House! TM31 sales continue to amaze! There is one TM31 sold globally every 2 minutes. When the launch of the new TM5 was announced, North American consultants and customers were dismayed that the opportunity to acquire the newest iteration of Verwork International's landmark culinary invention was not yet possible. The launch date for the TM5 in North America remains undetermined and will be "sometime well into 2015". However, once the … [Read more...]

Christmas in November 2014: Jacqueline Jacek

1 Jacek Chocolate Couture CIN 2014

Release your Inner Cocoanista: Jacqueline Jacek's Chocolate Ganache Recipe Base Follow Jacqueline Jacek @jacekchoclate. Then go and meet her. You will love her and her chocolates. Both are completely irresistible. I have known Jacqueline since she first started her company in the basement of her house. I took an interest then as I have made my own chocolates for years and wondered about the Edmonton market. Hers were very special, right from the start. World Class. The sheen. The design. … [Read more...]

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