Terra Madre 2014: Slow Food in Canada

Slow Food International WW Member Drive 2014

What is Slow Food in Canada... and What is Terra Madre? Slow Food in Canada is my raison d'etre. Get a coffee. Enlarge to full screen and turn up your sound. Grab a tissue. This production was created for the Canadian Booth at Terra Madre to offer the world a window into Canada's Slow Food nation. It set the tone for our regional Canadian meeting in Torino and should provide you with a foundation of understanding for my personal food philosophy. I know everyone except the gal milking the … [Read more...]

Cook in Italy Torino: Cooking Class Overview

1a Cook in Italy Torino

Federico Crova, owner of Cook in Italy Torino, shares three traditional Piemontese recipes Jens and Dennis joined me for a day of cooking a traditional Piemontese midday meal with Federico Crova, owner of Cook in Italy, in his Torino home while delegates attending Terra Madre, Slow Food International's biannual event. Federico models his chef jacket eloquently. When the taxi dropped us off, my first thought was, "Where are we supposed to go?" He must have made an error. I … [Read more...]

Cook in Italy: Bunet alla Piemontese

1 Bunet all Piemontese

The Finale: Traditional Piemontese Chocolate Amaretti Crème Caramel According to Federico, Cook in Italy owner and instructor, this dessert will be found nowhere else in Italy: only in Piemonte. Similar to a crème caramel, yet, so different. Let's start with the amaretti cookings crunched into the mix. Now, that speaks Piemonte! Of course, the cookies are also claimed to originate in the Lombary region as well as in Venice. So it is, with all exceptional Italian creations. I learned how to … [Read more...]

Cook in Italy: Caponet

2 Caponet Piemontese Cabbage Rolls

Traditional Piemontese Cabbage Roll: Sweet Steamed Cabbage leaves with leftovers Coming from Edmonton, Alberta, cabbage rolls are a part of our cultural heritage via the settlement of Ukrainians in the mid 1800's. When they introduced these succulent and economical morsels to their prairie counterparts at the time, they were a hit. Delicious, nutritious and economical: win, win, win. My mother, as all mothers in this area, though we come from completely different ethnic backgrounds, sharing … [Read more...]

Cook in Italy: Agnolotti del Plin

1 Agnolotti del Plin

Traditional Piemontese Pasta: The Piemontese Version of Ravioli Agnolotti are the Piemontese version of ravioli. Together with tortellini and anolini, agnolotti are one of the most famous types of Italian stuffed pasta and I was tickled to learn how easy they are to make. I was, and still am absolutely over the moon during and after this lesson. There is nothing like the acquisition of practical and applicable knowledge that can be immediately applied to enrich one's life - and in this case, … [Read more...]

Homemade Pasta with Truffles: The White Alba Truffle

1 Fresh Pasta with White Alba Truffles

Sharing Terra Madre (or Mother Earth) with my Family via the White Alba Truffle What speaks volumes without any words? Food. Sensuous food. Aromatic food. Umami laden food. Nothing is more sensuous, aromatic or umami laden than the authentic White Alba Truffle. These dirty, knobby misshapen balls grow at the roots of trees blesses with that enigmatic truffle virus. Trained dogs locate the heady fragrant tubers and tourists travel for miles during the season to experience the rare and … [Read more...]

Duchess Bakeshop Cookbook by Giselle Courteau

Duchess Bakeshop Cookbook Cover on angle

This cookbook is the perfect Christmas gift for any and every Edmonton baker! Unable to attend the early VIP book launch and reception for my favourite Edmonton Bakeshop, I sent my daughter, Ragan. I had to be there, somehow! She came home with my Duchess Bakeshop Cookbook, a swag bag better than any major Christmas gift full of Duchess splendor and this video tape of Giselle's speech at the launch.  Vicariously there, I hung on every word, replayed the tape and am still leafing through … [Read more...]

La Morra, Italy: More e Macine Osteria and Wine Bar

1 More e Macine in La Morra Italy

A memorable shared dining experience in Northern Italy After an incredible morning at the Truffle Market in Alba, a part of the annual Alba Truffle Festival, a stop at a well respected local Torone factory outlet store purchasing gorgeous nugget and a visit to the Castello di Grinzane Cavour, a Unesco Heritage Site that hosts the annual Alba White Truffle Auction for charity (by invitation only) each year, we were hungry! More e Macine awaits! (Here is the link to its Facebook Page as no … [Read more...]

84th Annual Alba White Truffle Festival 2014

2 Alba Truffle Festival 2014

 Taste Tripping Alba Barolo Tour: Stop One Heading to Terra Madre 2014 in October this year was the realization of a dream that reared its head in 2008 when I first joined Slow Food. Being in Piemonte during the Alba White Truffle Festival was another. I had come so close a few other visits to Italy, and now was the time. Particularly as the vineyard landscape of Langhe-Roero and Monferrato has just become a UNESCO World Heritage site recognized "as a cultural landscape, created out of the … [Read more...]

Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre 2014: Day One

19 Maxime Gauvin and Christina Allain Salone del Gusto 2014

Slow Food International's Bi-Annual International Food Conference and Global Market of Taste After 20 hours enroute to Torino, Italy, for my first visit to Terra Madre (Mother Earth), I arrived at the Olympic Oval for Delegate registration. Overwhelmed would be an understatement. Alongside 3999 delegates representing 950 food communities in 158 countries, I was and am extremely honoured to have been selected as a Slow Food Delegate from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, via the national … [Read more...]

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