The Canadian Food Experience Project: Round Up Eleven

The Canadian Food Experience Project: Round Up Eleven

Local Food Heroes: Meet Our Regional Canadian Producers and Farmers Championing artisan local producers and farmers has become my raison d'être these last several years. I am an Alberta prairie gal. Born and raised. First generation city gal, so the farm was an intimate and integral part of my formative years - just as agriculture has been an intimate and integral aspect of the formative years of our Canada. Lest we forget those glory days. Industrial farming practices have invaded our farms … [Read more...]

Crispy Ginger Beef: The Authentic Calgary Recipe

1 Calgarys Authentic Crispy Ginger Beef

I was there and I remember I wasn't actually "there", but my dear friend, Rae Wyshynski, was there. She lived in Calgary, and I, in Edmonton, in the early 80's. She is the one that really opened my eyes to the world of food. An avid reader and an analyst, she was, I would say. She took me to the Silver Dragon Restaurant (I think) to try this "new dish" that she (and everyone in town, apparently) was raving about. My anticipation was high. Rae knows how to describe flavour and texture. I … [Read more...]

Chef Butler: Bibimbap

Chef Butler: Bimimbap

 50% off your first Order to Chef Butler if you subscribe Hands up. Who has eaten Bibimbap? Not I (until now). I had heard the word, but never laid eyes on the dish. Knew I really enjoyed the Korean flavours I have eaten, and was certainly looking forward to cooking a three course Korean meal from Chef Butler. The Bibimbap was the main dish. Reading the recipe and seeing images on my google search did not build confidence within that this was going to taste like anything close to Bulgogi or … [Read more...]

Chef Butler: Korean Scallion Pancakes (Pajeon) and Dipping Sauce

Korean Scallion Pancakesand Dipping Sauce

50% off your first Order to Chef Butler if you subscribe Who doesn't like a Chinese Onion Cake? I could be addicted except that I know they are layered with lard like puff pastry is layered with butter... so, they are only eaten as a treat. However, this little ditty: the Korean Scallion Pancake, or Pajeon, is actually nutritious, delicious and economical! It is fried in fat, but there is no fat in the batter and scrumptious just doesn't cut it where these redolent morsels are … [Read more...]

Chef Butler’s Sujeonggwa: Korean Cinnamon and Ginger Punch

Sujeonggwa: Korean Cinnamon and Ginger Punch

 50% off your first Order to Chef Butler if you subscribe Oddly, I rarely create anything tantalizing at the bar these days. I used to be dreaming of liquid concoctions and have served some unforgettable cocktails and apéritifs in my day. Later, special coffees and end of the meal port and ice wines with individual cheese, nut and fruit platters was a focus. I have never been a tea or punch drinker, but I am now! There is nothing like fresh ginger. Except fresh ginger with cinnamon. This … [Read more...]

Chef Butler: Katie Sokalsky’s Brilliant Canadian Business

Chef Butler: Katie Solkalsky's Brilliant Canadian Business

50% off your first Order to Chef Butler if you subscribe Subscribe to Chef Butler for 35 dollars a month and receive a carefully curated box shipped on the 10th each month, delivered to you door, filled with the highest quality of non-perishable ingredients for two to three unique recipes. Make a globally inspired meal with your own fresh, local ingredients and the help of Chef Butler. I did. It was such great fun, even all by myself! I had no idea what to expect. The box appeared. Heavier … [Read more...]

Thermomix Algarvian Almond Cake

Thermomix Algarvian Almond Cake

Only Three Ingredients: it is what you do with them, that makes all the difference. A recipe is a recipe is a recipe. But, watching the hand of the master execute that recipe makes all of the difference. Almonds, sugar and eggs. Three ingredients, one recipe, and many possibilities. Think about baking bread. There is yeast, flour, salt and water. Four of the simplest ingredients. The recipes are all so similar. Combine together. Knead. Proof. Bake. Yet, some create magic with the palm of … [Read more...]

Homemade Sour Cherry Pie Filling: Like the one in the can, but 100% tastier!

Homemade Evans Sour Cherry Pie Filling

Homemade Sour Cherry Pie Filling Ah, Spring! Where art thou? Lo! where the rosy-bosom'd Hours,Fair Venus' train appear,Disclose the long-expecting flowers,And wake the purple year!The Attic warbler pours her throat,Responsive to the cuckoo's note,The untaught harmony of spring:While whisp'ring pleasure as they fly,Cool zephyrs thro' the clear blue skyTheir gather'd fragrance fling. So tired of these long cold grey and dirty days of this long, drawn out Winter-Spring. Time for a cherry pie! … [Read more...]

Thermomix Kale and Pinetip Salad

1 Kale and Pinetip Salad

Nutritious, delicious and economical I thoroughly enjoy being a part of the Thermomix Canada community. Not only does this machine enrich my life and improve opportunities for healthy eating for my family, it has opened up an other whole world of relationships to me. One of my clients, Jen, raved about this recipe. I had to make it. Now, pine tips were not yet in season, and I would only use one or two in the dressing, to start. She had never used the pine tips as there is rosemary in the … [Read more...]

Corn Tamales: Corn Husks and Banana Leaves

Corn Tamales: Corn Husks and Banana Leaves

Corn Tamales with sweet fresh corn! It is not corn season, but it is Mexican Cooking Season in my Canadian kitchen. No doubt about it. I have come back from my trip Mexican food obsessed. I knew what a tamale was and tasted a bite of one, once. I wasn't that impressed, but more intrigued by the packaging and the possibilities. I love food in wraps. This is a corny dish. And I mean CORNcentric. Often even wrapped in corn husks, the tamale has a corn flour base that hides a treasure within. … [Read more...]

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