Kefir Grains

What are these? Who can tell me? (Title originally was: What is this?)

A friend gave these to me and told me to put them into milk. Do you know what they are?

I know what they are “supposed” to do. Do you? Get guessing!

1. What are they?

Kefir Grains is the correct answer!

2. What is their purpose?

They live in milk and create a probiotic kefir drink that is healthy and good for you (apparently). I received them from one of Vanja’s friends and was told they would actually thicken the milk, too. Not so, for me. There are many more uses, of which I am currently reading and learning. However, when I saw these, I thought: “Oh, my! What is the world are these? And, why have I never heard of anything like this before?”

Well, now I have.


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  1. 1. kefir grains
    2. to change milk to kefir

  2. I know what they are, what happens when you add them to milk and what the end results will be too. It would be no fun for me to spoil it right away.

  3. I just so happen to come across these online last week actually. Not to ruin the fun right away I will say it starts with a K :-)

  4. No idea, Valerie. Do tell.

  5. Kefir grains….to ferment milk. It’s delicious! I want some that look like that! Mine are so tiny and they never grow :(

  6. These are grains of kefir

  7. Maria Casasus says:

    If I’m not mistaken, that is called kefhir, which feeds on milk, on a daily basis, and prduces kind of very nutritious light yoghurt.

  8. It looks like cauliflower florets but I’m guessing I’m wrong.

  9. pamela marriott says:

    i dont know what they are but they are kinda freaking me out….

  10. Intriguing Valerie! I’m stumped. Anxious to hear what it is.
    PS: Love the new look!

  11. I would definitely have guessed cauliflower! But that’s why you’re the cheese goddess and I am not.

  12. I knew I had to check out this post when I saw the title! I had no idea until I read the comments – my first guess was cauliflower (silly guess!), then I thought it might be a kind of popcorn because I know popcorn in milk was a kind of treat. Turns out I was completely wrong on both guesses! How did it work?? I’m really curious about the end result now!!

  13. i had no idea what those were until i read the comments. i am excited to have seen a new ingredient today :)

  14. Hi Valerie, that look interesting. Something new to me.

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Best regards.

    • Valerie Lugonja says:

      And to you! “Tis the season for family and close friends and lots and lots of yummy food!

  15. I got mine from a blogger friend almost a year ago and I have been making kefir ever since. If you want ideas on how to use them, I have a few recipes and Claudia of Honey from Rock has some as well.

    • Valerie Lugonja says:

      Would love the recipes! I will check out your site to see if they are there, otherwise, please do send!

  16. I’ve heard of kefir grains but have never seen them. Thanks for the picture, happy experimenting!

  17. Shirley Lynch says:

    I have been looking for live kefir grains for a while now,no one even knows about them! Health food stores suggest the powder (which I did buy,but gives a yogurt,or buttermilk type of product. Where can I get live kefir in southwest Ontario?

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