1 Sour Cherry Breakfast Cake

Lavazza Series 2015: Sour Cherry Breakfast Cake

What is could be better than a steamy cup of Lavazza Espresso in the morning? A delicious, nutritious, economical and homemade “fresh from my own garden” breakfast with a steamy cup of Lavazza, that’s what! Oh, how I love the abundance of summer and the bounty a small urban backyard garden can provide. This is…

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17 Baguettes

Thermomix Baguette

Making Bread in the Thermomix is Nutritious, Delicious and Economical! There is nothing like making bread by hand. Nothing. As a Canadian gal, from the Alberta Prairies, and what was once known as “the bread basket of the world”, making bread by hand “should be” prerequisite to any person leaving the family home and a…

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2 Gramsy with William

Prince William Visits Edmonton, Alberta!

For Gramsy’s 60th Birthday! Prince William is the love of my life, next to Vanja, that is. (blush) My darling 5 and a half month old baby grandson arrived a day late (darn United Airlines!) and more adorable than on Facetime! Oooh, how I had dreamt of that snuggle. It was as yummy as I…

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1 Cappucinno Coffee Bean Cookie

Lavazza Series 2015: Cappuccino Coffee Bean Cookies

Cappuccino Coffee Bean Cookies are the Perfect Partner for a Cup of Lavazza! When I was teaching middle school at Hardisty, I had a parent helper who made the most incredible coffee bean cookies. This was back in the 90’s. I had never seen a coffee bean cookie, and was charmed. She did give me the…

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1 Greek Zucchini Croquette

Greek Zucchini Croquettes: Kolokythokeftéthes

An Addictive and Unexpected Flavourful Vegetarian Patty: my new flavour favourite While I wait for my Greek friends, and friends of Greek friends, to send me the recipe for the Cretan Stuffed Zucchini Flowers which I will forever crave, I will share my second favourite taste with you while in Greece earlier this month: Greek…

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1 Thermomix Chicken Paprikash

Thermomix Chicken Paprikash

 An Almost Traditional Balkan Delight Chicken Paprikash is one of Vanja’s comfort foods. He walks in the back door, the aroma greets him before I have a chance, and he is grinning from ear to ear, relaxed and so happy to be home, by the time I round the corner. Thermomix Chicken Paprikash, however, is…

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