From My Kitchen This Week

1 Agnolotti del Plin with Meat Filling and Roasted Gravy

Agnolotti del Plin Con Carne or Meat Filled Agnolotti del Plin

 A Day of Pasta Making with Jens: Therapy for the Soul Taken with the simple and irrefutable fact that no purchased pasta comes close to homemade pasta and gaining … [Read More...]

1 Traditional Canadian Lasagna

Traditional Canadian Lasagna

 What makes this lasagna Traditional Canadian Lasagna? I haven't made this recipe for so long, but I will be doing so much more often as it is a throwback to my childhood … [Read More...]

1 Spinach Salad with Preserved Sour Cherries

Spinach Salad with Preserved Sour Cherries

Tender Greens bathed in Tasty Textures It may not be pretty, but I promise you, this salad is a full meal deal and a jubilant mix of flavours: sweet, salty, and … [Read More...]

1 Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed Peppers

 An Eastern European Man's Home Food ... and a Canadian pleasure. Ah, stuffed peppers. Simple. Nutritious, delicious, economical. Now, we are singing my song. There is … [Read More...]

Insulated Thermomix Potluck Bag

January 2015 Thermomix TM31 Customer Incentive

Another gift added: Best Customer Incentive in 10 years for TM31 If there was ever a time to buy a TM31, now is the time. Of course, I will put you on my TM5 waiting list … [Read More...]

3 Hallibut Cheeks with Asparagus and Beurre Blanc

Thermomix Beurre Blanc: recette française

 So Simple to make with Spectacular Appeal This is not an advertizement, but I do sell Thermomix machines and often labourious recipes can be made effortlessly with this … [Read More...]

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