From My Kitchen This Week

1 Osso Buco with Veal Jus

Osso Buco with Veal Jus: Happy Thanksgiving 2014

An exceptional meal full of at home comfort and company's coming zeal Yes, we will be having our Traditional Canadian Thanksgiving Dinner today. The aroma of the turkey … [Read More...]

1 Turkey Wing Gravy

Make Ahead Holiday Turkey Gravy: Turkey Wing Gravy

Lynn Crawford's stellar recipe! Looking so forward to meeting Lynn this year at our best Canadian culinary event in Jasper at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge: Christmas in … [Read More...]

1 Black Sheep Provo Utah

Black Sheep Cafe in Provo, Utah

Navajo inspired food by Chef Mark Mason Our last evening in Salt Lake City and so many decisions to make. Dinner. Where? Without question: The Black Sheep Café in Provo, … [Read More...]

Donadeo Giardiniera Sott’Oilio

Donadeo Giardiniera Sott’Oilio

 An evolution from a mixed vegetable Giardiniera to the family favourite: Pepperoncini only I recall sitting on a chair at Luch's kitchen table one year, many years ago. Kids … [Read More...]

Thermomix Carry Bag

Thermomix TM31: October 2014 Customer Incentive

Phasing out the TM31 to prepare for selling the TM5 in North America! Last month, customers clamored to take advantage of the wonderful incentives provided by Verwork's … [Read More...]

Charmian Christie Welsh Griddle Cake Recipe

The Messy Baker Cookbook: Welsh Griddle Cakes

Charmian Christie will have you laughing via her new The Messy Baker cookbook! I have sat with Charmian's cookbook, grinning and tearing, as her authentic voice and … [Read More...]

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