1 i kriti Athens Greece

Greece 2015: i kriti Athens

First meal and best meal of our entire trip was at i kriti in Athens! Above, my absolute favourite bite during our entire trip to Greece. After a day in Amsterdam, a couple of days in Belgrade and two weeks in Bijeljina with Vanja’s dad, we were ready for an adventure! We look so forward…

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Red Iguana Restaurant: Mole Tasting

Salt Lake City: The Famous Red Iguana Mexican Moles It took me three weeks to get to The Red Iguana Restaurant after hitting Salt Lake City for the birth of my first grandson, William Dugan. I thought I would be there within 2-3 days. Obviously, I had no idea how becoming Gramsy would completely change…

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1 Lavazza Bete Noir

Lavazza Series 2015: La Bête Noire (The Black Beast Recipe)

The Traditional Black Beast Recipe is Transformed Past Perky Perfection! On holiday in Bijeljina, Bosnia, but with contract requirements to meet, what greater pleasure than La Bête Noire  or The Black Beast Recipe? I developed this recipe for the Thermomix machine 5 years ago for my dear friend, Marie’s 30th wedding anniversary, and it is…

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1 Seafood Lasagna

Retro Recipe: Seafood Lasagna

This 80’s family favourite deserves a rebirth! In the 80’s, this recipe was “the bomb”. Everyone was making it for company dinners, girlfriend gatherings or special family meals. The Best of Bridge gals from Calgary, Alberta, published it in their first cookbook: Best of Bridge. Their series was filled with recipes as these gals had…

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1 Affogato

Lavazza Series 2015: Lavazza Tasting Challenge and Affogato

 Affogato: the perfect reprieve under the sweltering Bosnian Sun Ah! I am sitting at a quaint wrought iron table in a little outdoor café almost hidden in a corner across the street from the massive “wedding cake’ in the Piazza Venezia on a scorching hot and dusty day in Rome. It is Spring Break and…

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31 Vanja Lugonja's Special Dinner Baked

Bijeljina 2015: Pava’s Special Meal

A Flavourful Celebration of Balkan Flavours There it is, in all its rustic glory: Pava’s Special Meal and Vanja’s favourite home food of all meals his mother made. Pava’s neighbour in Lukavac, years and years ago, served this recipe one evening and the flavour combination made such an impression that it has became a family…

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