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7 Petars House

Petar’s House: It’s a Very Very Very Fine House

And we cried all the way home.... And we are home. Tired, but grateful. Hands cut, burned, scraped and blistered from our labor of love. If you haven't read After The … [Read More...]

1 French Strawberry Tart

Celebrate Strawberry Season: French Strawberry Tart

A little late, but still Strawberry Season! Sitting here at the free wifi cafe "The Park" in Bijeljina, Bosnia, this August, I have an hour before Vanja picks me up and … [Read More...]

1 Petars Sunka 2014

Sunka and a Serbian Breakfast

Or... lunch, supper, snack... guest fare.... This is a family of serious carnivores. Lots of meat, potatoes of some kind, and a salad, usually tomato, with every meal. … [Read More...]

Sunka and a Serbian Breakfast

Cooking After the Flood in Bijelinja Bosnia August 2014

The Outdoor Kitchen (Smoke House) and Serbian Musaka There is a kitchen in the house that Pava only used on rainy days, and through the Winter. In the Summer, she always … [Read More...]

Pava Lugonja: Sest Meseci Pomen

Pava Lugonja: Sest Meseci Pomen

or Six Month Remembrance Ceremony in Kozarci, Serbia, August 5, 2014 Ah, how Pava loved roses. She grew beautiful red ones in her own garden. Still, Petar snips them and … [Read More...]

Kozarci: Remembering Pava Lugonja (Pomen 2014)

Kozarci: Remembering Pava Lugonja (Pomen 2014)

Chicken Soup feeds the Serbian Soul Every Single Day. I do believe the last time I was here was the 50th anniversary of Pava and Petar. What a glorious celebration of … [Read More...]

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