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1a Cook in Italy Torino

Cook in Italy Torino: Cooking Class Overview

Federico Crova, owner of Cook in Italy Torino, shares three traditional Piemontese recipes Jens and Dennis joined me for a day of cooking a traditional Piemontese midday … [Read More...]

1 Bunet all Piemontese

Cook in Italy: Bunet alla Piemontese

The Finale: Traditional Piemontese Chocolate Amaretti Crème Caramel According to Federico, Cook in Italy owner and instructor, this dessert will be found nowhere else in … [Read More...]

2 Caponet Piemontese Cabbage Rolls

Cook in Italy: Caponet

Traditional Piemontese Cabbage Roll: Sweet Steamed Cabbage leaves with leftovers Coming from Edmonton, Alberta, cabbage rolls are a part of our cultural heritage via the … [Read More...]

1 Agnolotti del Plin

Cook in Italy: Agnolotti del Plin

Traditional Piemontese Pasta: The Piemontese Version of Ravioli Agnolotti are the Piemontese version of ravioli. Together with tortellini and anolini, agnolotti are one of … [Read More...]

1 Fresh Pasta with White Alba Truffles

Homemade Pasta with Truffles: The White Alba Truffle

Sharing Terra Madre (or Mother Earth) with my Family via the White Alba Truffle What speaks volumes without any words? Food. Sensuous food. Aromatic food. Umami laden … [Read More...]

Duchess Bakeshop Cookbook Cover on angle

Duchess Bakeshop Cookbook by Giselle Courteau

This cookbook is the perfect Christmas gift for any and every Edmonton baker! Unable to attend the early VIP book launch and reception for my favourite Edmonton Bakeshop, I … [Read More...]

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