Delicious and Nutritious Breakfast from the Farmers I know

See what you get for breakfast if you are a good boy?

All from local Farmer’s Markets or Local Suppliers: the only way to feed your family!

The tomatoes and cheese from City Market downtown yesterday. The cheese: Sylvan Star’s Award Winning Grizzly, absolutely the best; the tomatoes: Gull Valley’s tomatoes on the vine, so “tomatoey”! Really. I know! Why is that so hard to find? But it is, and Gull Valley has that old fashioned real tomato flavour packed in – guess what? A real tomato! YUM! They are a great alternative to an orange for breakfast.

Bacon and eggs can be a typical special big breakfast morning meal, but today I had some of Budapest Deli’s double smokes and artisan cured sausage: deadly delicious sliced very thin. Also found at City Market downtown or their store. It is also great on a charcuterie platter.

The bread was not my own. I stopped by the Italian Center South for a little coffee, chat, and to buy the last of my groceries at the end of my day yesterday and got the last massive loaf with the hole. I forget the name of this bread, but it is really crusty and really soft in the middle. Angelo is a master bread maker at the Italian Center South. Wait until you taste his Red Fife Wheat bread that will be featured at Edmonton Slow Food’s Indulgence 2010: he let it rest of 36 hours! Incredible.(Tickets are almost sold out for this event. Call and order now.) A perfect artisan bread for breakfast (or lunch or dinner) because I was out all day instead of making my own!

As my husband is an Eastern European man who doesn’t feel fed unless he eats meat, or unless there is pig on the plate, I used some lardon’s from Sunterra Market and sautéed them with a few minced onions, then fried the Sunworks Farm eggs on top, just as he likes them. I get y eggs from the Old Strathcona Farmer’s Market.

Not bad for a quick minute in the morning before Vanja is off to work. Yes, substantial. He works a long day, and I only do this for him on the weekends. And, only if he is a very good boy! :)  And, when I tell him how much I appreciate him, in true Vanja fashion, he looks at me and says: Well, I don’t think I’m too hard to appreciate, and I? or What’s not to like? And he grins, and eats his breakfast with a big grin on his face.

And I have a big grin on mine, too!


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    What a fabulous breakfast! When I read the first couple lines of your post I actually thought they sold this at a farmer’s market and was eager to find out where. Guess I’ll have to make my own when “someone” is a good boy too 😉 Those sausages are a great alternative to bacon. My hubby has to have meat with every meal as well, me not so much. My breakfast was a shame compared to yours. Hope you’re having a nice long weekend Valerie!

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    This is a wonderful breakfast/lunch! those eggs look perfectly cooked and the tomatoes and bread and slice of cheese, all perfect; tell me what else can your man want?

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    Wow, Vanja got the special treatment today — two kinds of pig PLUS and egg and cheese!
    That charcuterie and cheese look to die for, I could subsist on them alone (with a little vino for good measure.)

    I didn’t do so terrible either this morning. Nicole made me some awesome baked french toast for my special breakfast…but due to lack of pig, we made pork meatball banh mi for lunch!

    — Andy

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    I love that you showcased all local, all lovable ingredients. We are very lucky here to be able to access so much good food. I’ve been ordering from the GoodFoodBox folks once a week and that’s also been a real treat. I haven’t tried the cheese but I’ve been hearing about it for years. I will go down next weekend to buy some. Thanks for the nudge.

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    Holy cow! I think I died and went to breakfast heaven. Everything looks amazing.

    Feeding your family with locally produced foods is priceless. I just recenty purchased (with friends) an organic steer to provide meat. I have a co-worker who raises chickens, which means I have fresh eggs weekly (amazing) and I do my best to visit the local farmers market each weekend to pick up fresh produce. I am far from perfect but, I am trying to make the transtition.

    by the way, I took your suggestion and added a email subscribe to my blog. Hope to see you soon.

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    Are you not planning to prepare the lunch?! Wow…that whole plate of treasures! I am still trying to count how many eggs in one plate…LOL
    These artisan sausage slices are quite interesting..but the tomatoes…mmmm….man they look so juicy, fresh and good.

    • Valerie says

      I know, Angie! Vanja was the first person I ever met who usually eats four eggs for breakfast when there are no meats or cheese on the plate. Three eggs. YUP. It would be about the same ingredients as a three egg omelet… just visually more in your face! And it was mid morning, so sticks to his ribs all the way to dinner. :)

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    Wow!! You actually managed to make me hungry again after eating supper too:)

    Glad I’m headed to the Farmers Market tomorrow as I think I need to make my own local breakfast:)


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    Are you not planning to prepare the lunch?! Wow…that whole plate of treasures! I am still trying to count how many eggs in one plate…LOL
    These artisan sausage slices are quite interesting..but the tomatoes…mmmm….man they look so juicy, fresh and good.

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