Garage Sale: The Event of the Century

Mine, at least!


  • 874 Proctor Wynd
  • Next Saturday, June 1
  • 9 am to 4pm

Everything, INCLUDING the Kitchen Sink! (a nice one, too)

Yes, I have done a major clear out. We have refinished our kitchen and the last 10 years of once loved possessions have found their way to our garage. It is PACKED with some brand new great stuff and some really tacky funky junk.

Counter top bar stools, tables, kitchen stuff, decore, Christmas and Easter decorations and on and on. What you don’t buy, the Salvation Army or Good Will is getting. Cannot stand to see any of it go to the landfill.

Coffee? Maybe. Hopefully, it will be too hot for that!

See you next Saturday!


  1. Germaine says

    Sweetie would like to know are there any cupboards in the sale, we are looking for cupboards for our house.

  2. Valerie Lugonja says

    All of the information is in the event calendar – address – maps – etc… no cupboards, but lot of other items. I kept my cupboards. :) Go to the calendar in the side bar of my home page. Toggle it to June 1 and click on the event. A page will open up with the map.

  3. says

    Wish I lived closer! Good look with the sale. I haven’t done one is ages and could use a good ‘wholesale’ clean out myself.

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