Zone Three Alberta Garden June 5, 2011

What a miracle two weeks makes in the garden: Photo Essay

This post is more for me than you, unless you are in the area and want to compare how your garden is growing to mine. I did all of this documentation last year, and didn’t post it, and really miss not having the information at my fingertips as I look back to compare the season. I will be doing this about once a month with little thrilled moments of my harvests in between.  just got a great idea for what to do with the multitude of chive flowers I have from Food In Jars which I will be doing later this week. I am thrilled about that! There is nothing like growing one’s own food! (…and flowers!)

Phew! That was intense. It is way more fun to garden than to write about it…. but, photo-journaling is an important part of tracking the progress of my little piece or paradise! Did you catch a glimpse of any little faeries? I am convinced they are living in my garden.


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    I love love love that first picture, Valerie! The vibrant purple against those faded out yellow flowers in the background is just beautiful – great shot! What a great idea to document this every month. I gotta hand it to you though Hun, trying to remember where I planted everything would be a task in itself for me. Look at all the varieties you have there. My Gosh woman, you could open your own garden shop in your backyard. Teehee. Seriously, how do you remember where everything is? Kudos to you! Keeping up with a fabulous garden like this must take so much time, patience, and dedication. Partly why I don’t have a garden yet. Can’t wait to see the progress next month. Hope you and Vanja are doing well, dear. Big hugs!

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    Looking good, Valerie! I’m so happy to have herbs to pick fresh outside my back door again. I wish I could grow more tomatoes here but with all our shade they are hard to keep going all summer so I can only grow a very few in select spots.

    I hope you keep us updated as the season progresses!

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    Beautiful Garden Valerie plus it looks like you do not need to go to a grocery store at all during the summer, and may never need to buy any herbs. Love the brick raised gardens… I love it all…

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    That all looks great. Prompted by you, I found my first radishes today and have been eating my herbs for a while already. Your garden looks great! You’ve got a great variety of plants, especially your herbs. Love the photography as well. It always amazes me how quickly an Edmonton garden can spring into life.

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