Rhubarb Jam

A happy accident!

I was actually going to make a rhubarb crisp, and covered the sliced stalked with sugar and set it in the fridge until later. Later never came. Well, it came – but, waaay later! A week later, at least.

It was not a pretty sight, or I would have a pretty photo for you. The dish was full of liquid and the rhubarb were little floaty bits in the sweet liquid. I thought of throwing it out. I was shocked at how much liquid had come our of these sturdy sour stalks. Nah! Onto the stove top it went; the flame on high, and let’s see what I can boil this down to.

Incredibly, it didn’t take so long. I keep it at a slow boil, stirring often. No pectin. Nothing. And, there was jam. Really delicious rhubarb jam. How marvelous! Six half cup jars of it. We really don’t eat jam around here, but I love rhubarb and this will definitely find its way into something later on. I did process it for 12 minutes in a water bath. After taking my chances with the mixture, I needed to be really safe with the jam!

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  1. I don’t eat a lot of jam either, but rhubarb is my absolute favourite. I went through 16 pint jars last year just eating it on yogurt! I didn’t get any made this year so I’m a tiny bit jealous.

  2. Lovely Rhubarb… I keep killing mine with kindness (too much high strength natural fertiliser). I make a beautiful Rhubarb and Apple Sponge Pudding, will post the recipe in our Summer. Thank you for the wonderful selection of recipes.

  3. Great save on the rhubarb.

  4. I absolutely love rhubarb. I made a strawberry rhubarb jam earlier this year but have never thought of making a jam out of only rhubarb. Can’t wait till spring when the rhubarb starts to grow again and I can try your recipe!

  5. Lovely jam Valerie!

  6. Great save Valerie!

  7. This is nice and I love rhubard especially a nice rhubarb cake.

  8. valerie..what a save!! We love rhubarb!!

  9. OMG! rhubarb jam is BEYOND amazing! i love your photos btw, you make rhubarb look so desirable haha

    xoxo <3

  10. I am going to make rhubarb and strawberry jam.Is it okay if the rhubarb has been frozen?I tried to make crabapple jelly with my frozen juice I made from crabapple juice .Had so many crabapples and decided to freeze the juice i made ?Thhe jelly did not jell,so have to redo.

    • I know you CAN make jelly out of frozen berries, Marcella, so it is odd that your jelly didn’t gel.
      And, yes, you can definitely make jam with frozen rhubarb! Sounds yummy!
      I often clean and freeze my berries to work with later when the snow flies as harvest season is such a busy time – and we now have that option if there is freezer room!

  11. ty I am going to purchase a thermometer for my jams and candy,maybe it did not get to right temp.I redid it but now to thick,but it tastes okay.ty very much

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