Christmas in November 2013: Adult Hot Chocolate

‘Tis the Season to be warm and jolly!

Adult Hot Chocolate Thermomix

Micah Dew, at Ask My Bartender, has presented Cocktail Trends for the Holiday Season the past 6 years at Christmas in November in the Fairmonth Jasper Park Lodge. I missed it, but my new friends and table mates did not. Truthfully, everyone was raving about his classes. And not just because they all left inhibriated. He has enough personality to fill many rooms. I will not miss his session next year, and I am excited to share with you a simple enough concoction, yet heard about it from all corners of the lodge during our stay: Micah’s Holiday Hot Chocolate for Adults Only.

Adult Hot Chocolate Thermomix

I first introduced you to my Christmas in November friends in Part 2 of my Christmas in November 2013 series, and invited them over for a little Christmas cheer, recently. One often gets much more than one bargained for when attending Christmas in November! As it was a cold, blustery day, I prepared a cup of decadent Adult Only Hot Chocolate inspired by Micah’s recipe.

Adult Hot Chocolate Thermomix

It is effortless to make in the Thermomix machine, but can be made in a pot on the stove. The key is really good dark chocolate and equally good cocoa. I used Valrhona Manjari and Valrhona cocoa. Of course, the service set ups the anti a little, as well. Get your pinkies ready!

5 Thermomix Hot Chocolate

This delectable elixir is a powerful complex concoction with many stimulating and mood enhancing elements that go well beyond the rapture spawned by its texture and flavour.The caffeine in dark chocolate blocks adenosine and enables that pleasant rush of energy to your brain. Dark chocolate also contains the chemical phenylalanine, which stimulates dopamine and serotonin production in the brain, both of which enhance mood. Theobromine is a mild stimulant distinct from caffeine which provides “the lion’s share of chocolate’s kick and energizes without greatly activating the central nervous system” the way caffeine does. Anandamide is a neurotransmitter that our brain manufactures that temporarily blocks feelings of depression and pain. Chocolate produces this compound and provides additional chemicals that sustain its mood-enhancing effects. Interestingly, the word “anandamide” is derived from the Sanskrit word for “bliss.” This neurotransmitter is also produced in parts of the brain crucial for higher thought processes, movement control and memory that are enhanced by chocolate. Phenylethylamine is also found in chocolate and functions similarly to amphetamines in releasing norepinephrine, which increases excitement, alertness, and decision-making abilities, and dopamine, which releases endorphins (natural painkillers) and heightens mood. Flavonoids are antioxidants in chocolate which may improve blood flow to the heart and brain, prevent clots, improve cardiac health, and act as anti-inflammatories. Chocolate has also been rumored to be an aphrodisiac. Theobroma cacao is ancient Greek for “food of the gods.” Those who came before seem to know best. Here is another list of chocolate benefits:

    1. Chocolate contains resveratrol, a compound known to protect the nervous system and brain. It is also considered a key element in healthy aging and longevity.
    2. Chocolate is an anti-inflammatory food, reducing the inflammation of our body’s tissues that can lead to chronic, degenerative illnesses.
    3. Chocolate decreases LDL cholesterol, increases blood flow, and lowers the risk of blood clots.
    4. Chocolate provides minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium.

    But, I know I didn’t need to convince you to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate …

    Adult Hot Chocolate via Thermomix

    Per person, there is 100g dark chocolate, 5g cocoa and 250mL whole milk… and… Micah’s suggestion… a little extra somethin’ somethin’…

    Adult Hot Chocolate via Thermomix

    It used to be that Bailey’s in a cup of coffee was that decadent warm all over Saturday morning “Hello!”. Can you guess that the addition to the hot chocolate is, above?

    Adult Hot Chocolate via ThermomixAdult Hot Chocolate via Thermomix

    Move over, Bailey’s. Pinnacle whipped flavoured vodka with hot chocolate is the hot little black dress for the 2013 season. Chocolate, cream, with a little magic in the cup will truly wow your family and guests after rolling in the snow outside – or just watching it fall…

    Adult Hot Chocolate via Thermomix

    You’ll notice mom can’t stop sipping her hot chocolate.

    Adult Hot Chocolate via ThermomixAdult Hot Chocolate via Thermomix

    After the gals left, there was plenty of hot chocolate still in the pot, so we had a little fun, just the two of us.

    Adult Hot Chocolate via ThermomixAdult Hot Chocolate via ThermomixAdult Hot Chocolate via Thermomix

    While mom might not have a clue who Miley Cyrus is, she did a darn good impression of her, don’t you think? (And these are not the “x” rated photos.)

    Adult Hot Chocolate via Thermomix

    There is an entire recipe book of trendy drinks for the holiday season that Micah gave to his participants and they will be the parties you will not want to miss this season!

    5.0 from 2 reviews
    Adult Hot Chocolate
    Prep time
    Cook time
    Total time
    This is the ultimate hot chocolate recipe, and with the Pinnacle Whipped Flavoured Vodka, that "little over the top" where you want to be.
    Recipe type: Drink
    Cuisine: Canadian
    Serves: 2
    Per person:
    • 100g dark Valrhona chocolate (Manjari calets)
    • 5g Valrhona cocoa
    • 250mL whole milk
    • 60mL Pinnacle Whipped Flavoured Vodka
    Thermomix Instructions:
    1. Scale the chocolate calets into the TM bowl; pulse three times at 1 second each, until chocolate is completely ground up
    2. Melt chocolate for 6 minutes at 80 C, speed 2-3
    3. Add cocoa and milk; heat for 5 minutes at at 80 C, speed 2-3
    4. Add Pinnacle Whipped Flavoured Vodka into the bottom of a large mug
    5. Pour into large mug on top of vodka
    6. Garnish with whipped cream or marshmallows
    Regular Instructions:
    1. In a medium saucepan, stir 1 teaspoon of cocoa into 1 tablespoon of milk until a smooth paste; add remaining milk slowly, stirring constantly to incorporate cocoa
    2. Heat to medium high, until milk just begins to bubble around the edge; turn off heat
    3. Add chocolate and stir until melted into the milk cocoa mixture
    4. Add Pinnacle Whipped Flavoured Vodka into the bottom of a large mug
    5. Pour into large mug on top of vodka
    6. Garnish with whipped cream or marshmallows
    I make four servings and that usually makes 8 "teacups" of hot chocolate, so the serving for one can usually serve 2

     Adult Hot Chocolate via Thermomix


      • Valerie Lugonja says

        Hi, Sheri,
        Any chocolate shop in town should be able to source this for you. I got mine from Kirsten’s – no longer in business… but they all have it – or can get it for you. Check out the on-line prices to know what you are looking at price wise and the amount you want to order. I suggest a chocolate tasting first. This is my personal favourite, but may not be yours. For example, at Provisions (beside Duchess Bakeshop) their callets are in bowls and you can sample them and buy the one you like the best. There is another excellent source for you.

    1. says

      G’day Valerie! Love your adult Hot Chocolate, true!
      A bit warm here to indulge, but am sure I could too!
      Recently had chocolate soup on a chocolate walking tour I blogged about…
      Next time, please make an extra cup for me :)
      Cheers! Joanne

    2. says

      Valerie, you have “knocked it out of the park” again! What an awesome recipe for when the girls come for “tea” :-)
      I can hardly wait to serve it!
      Thanks again!

    3. Momsy says

      Valerie you are a Brat-now your readers will think I’m not the lady I like to portray.:) :) :)But the Hot Chocolate was delicious and I do so know who Mily Cyrus is.—Her daddy is Billy Rae Cyrus – of course.

      • Valerie Lugonja says

        OK, Momsey – did you “get” the reference to Miley Cyrus and the photo with your tongue out of your mouth?

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